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Thom Productions is located in the creative district of Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand.

We are a small team, solely focussed on projects that we are fully captivated by, with aspirations to share them with as many like-minded people as possible. 

Murray Thom left school at 15 with his FSC (Failed School Certificate). Despite a lack of formal education, he was appointed Managing Director of CBS Records at just 23 years old. Leaving the corporate life to start his own business, he went on to produce The Great New Zealand Songbook, The Great New Zealand Cookbook and the Offering project. Two of his productions have featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the United States. 

Tim Harper has been the Creative Director and Producer at Thom Productions since 2007. In another life, he also has a first-class Masters degree in International Nutrition, living and studying in Indonesia and Kenya. Tim is the co-creator of The Great New Zealand Songbook, The Great New Zealand Cookbook and the Offering project. 

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